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Current Account

SPCL Bank offers a Current Account to satisfy the various demands of different organisations-be it a huge corporation, a start-up, a government agency, or a small business.

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Savings Account

The SPCL Savings Bank account provides high liquidity and safety and on top of that, a compatible interest rate of 3.5% compounded half yearly on your funds. Our customers can later benefit from a good monetary return with the help of this service.

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Fixed Deposit

At SPCL, we want to help our customers earn more on their savings by offering saving schemes which offers the best when it comes to flexibility and liquidity and with suitable tenures and attractive interest rate.

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Recurring Deposit

With SPCL’s Recurring Deposit Account, our customers can save systematically every month with interest and conveniently from today, reap benefits tomorrow. It is designed to help you achieve your dreams and wish lists on your own terms.

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Pigmy Deposit

The SPCL’s Pigmy Deposit scheme is specially designed with the motive of financial inclusion and to inculcate a banking habit among the poor/weaker class sections in the society.

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